The launch of the training workshop (Digital Fabrication Tools)

Organized by “GOIC” in cooperation with the Bahraini Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and Fab Lab Bahrain

The activities of the training workshop (Digital Fabrication Tools), organized by the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting in cooperation with the Bahraini Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, kicked off on Monday at the headquarters of the Innovation Center in the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The training workshop aims to shed light on digital manufacturing tools and familiarize participants with the capabilities provided by this technology, as well as introducing the principles of used prototypes. Technology through the practical application of the devices specialized in the design and manufacture of various materials

15 trainees from the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain participate in the training workshop (Digital Fabrication Tools) and lasts for 3 days. This training workshop is also provided by specialists from the Fab Lab Bahrain Institute, where the institute is a laboratory specialized in manufacturing and creativity and encourages innovators to develop their ideas and stimulate their creativity. The institute is equipped with all Tools and materials that enable digital manufacturing in order to encourage young people and professionals to link their physical reality with the future of digital manufacturing.

Read more: https://www.goic.org.qa/GOICCMS/WebsiteNews_313_EN.html

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