Fab Lab Bahrain opens its doors for public tours

Groups of college students and interested community members arrived at Fab Lab Bahrain to attend a tour of the facilities. Visitors were given the opportunity to get a close look at the digital fabrication tools and machines available at the lab.

The introductory tour, hosted by community member and Fab Academy graduate Abdulla Fadi, is a free open house tour that allows the public to visit the Lab and learn about digital fabrication and methods of turning their ideas into new products and prototypes via a range of advanced digital manufacturing technology.

The tours took place on Wednesday and Thursday the 11th and 12th of September 2019. The students were introduced to 3D printer, fine milling machines and observed a live demo of laser cutting. The tour attendees of college students expressed their excitement to the possibility of using the tools available to refine their graduation projects.

The visitors were introduced to the Fab Academy Diploma program, scheduled to commence in January 2020 and encouraged to apply. The Fab Academy program is a six month fast-paced, hands-on learning experience where students learn rapid-prototyping by planning and executing a new project each week, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments. Including 2D & 3D design tools, 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics design and much more. ⁣

The tours will continue throughout the rest of the year 2019 and are aimed at anyone with an interest in digital fabrication to introduce community members to the space and its potentials.

Fab Lab Bahrain is a lab equipped with an array of flexible computer-controlled tools that cover several different length scales and various materials, with the aim to make “almost anything”. This includes technology-enabled products generally perceived as limited to mass production.

Fab Lab Bahrain Co-Founder Dr. Salman Alaraibi said:

“We envisioned a local network of community-driven spaces in which university students refine their graduation projects, startups realize their first functional prototypes, kids explore making their own unique toys, and everyone else coming together to work collaboratively towards  tackling a need or a problem in their neighborhood.”

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