Fab Lab

We come from different academic and professional backgrounds but we met to reignite a childhood passion and explore innovative solution that could impact our community.

Digital fabrication is allowing people at all age groups and from different disciplines to transform their ideas and create fascinating objects. We aspire to provide in fablab-Bahrain the ideal environment for creative people to reach their true potential.

What is a FabLab?

A fablab (fabrication laboratory) is a facilitator for creative making. It is the brain child of  MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, an initiative to empower underserved communities with means to explore fabriction at the interphase between the digital and physical worlds.  It exponentially grew to become a global network of spaces that share a similar set of tools, objectives and a platform to exchang experiences.

FabLab Bahrain intends to provide the necessary support for young people in Bahrain through their innovation journey. We will help them progress as active creators of smart ‘Atoms’ that would solve problems in their vicinity and spread the dust ‘Bits’ of their tools in the Fablab universe.

We also aspire to promote the collaborative culture in our community and gather as many collective brains to generate novel ideas and contribute in existing global projects.



In the next few months we intend to kick-start our activities in fablab Bahrain, we have several potential projects in the pipeline. Some projects have reached a level of maturity and we believe it’s a good time to share few ideas about them.



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