Fab Academy

Registration begins for the Fab Academy Diploma 2020 program at Fab Lab Bahrain

Fab Lab Bahrain opened the registration to the fab academy diploma program for the year 2020. The Fab Academy diploma is a six month fast-paced, hands-on learning experience where students learn rapid-prototyping by planning and executing a new project each week, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments. Including 2D & 3D design tools, 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics design and much more. ⁣

The program takes place during the months of January to July 2020. The program follows a distributed learning model where a live online lecture by the MIT professor. Neil Gershenfeld takes place weekly. Participants from all around the world tune in to the lecture, share their experience with the previous week’s assignment and learn about the topic of the week.

This marks the fourth consecutive year the program is conducted in Bahrain. Three batches of Bahraini students have graduated the Fab Academy program. Since then, many of the graduating students have paved their own way in spreading digital fabrication knowledge within the Bahraini community through various workshops and by curating and delivering specialized educational training programs.

The Bahraini Labour Fund “Tamkeen” have expressed their support to the program and to spreading the knowledge of digital fabrication by fully supporting the students that took part in Fab Academy 2019.

Fab Academy graduate and instructor, Engineer Duaa Alaali, said:

“Going through Fab Academy as a student and as an instructor was an amazing experience. I learned so many skills in an exceptionally short period of time and I got to spread my knowledge to others. But most importantly, I learned how to learn.”

To apply and learn more about the program, visit the following link https://fablab.bh/fabacademy/

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